NLSQL's Developer Experience Building Apps for Slack, SAP, and More

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Summary of Lessons

From this interview, we learn developer experiences should include clear rules for application  developers. The process to develop and publish should be short. One way to shorten the process is to reduce unneeded bureaucracy. Lastly, the developer should be seen as an equal partner. Since developers are spending time and resources to develop an application, the developer will feel it’s unfair to add additional fees to the process.

The Guest

Denis Chernenko is the CEO and Founder of NLSQL, a tech company that helps people retrieve information from databases easily using natural language. NLSQL helps everyone make data-driven decisions in a simple and productive way.

The Interview

What problem is your company solving?

Businesses increasingly rely on insights based on developer data for proper business decisions. Users of information, for example business analysts, HR specialists, sales representatives, etcetera, often lack programming skills in order to get information from the database.

Where can we find your app?

We launched as a certified SAP Cloud Solution on SAP App Center. Also, you can find our application on Skype, Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and a web application our website.

Tell us about a positive developer experience?

We faced it with really good experience on Slack’s platform. It was amazing, super clear rules, and great user experience to build the application on Slack’s platform. Also, Azure Bot Framework is pretty good, which allows to save a lot of time for multiple platform integrations.  

Tell us about a negative developer experience?

The most painful part we faced was bureaucracy. As a rule, the largest enterprise has a lot of bureaucracy. The most painful for us was SAP App Center, because of a lot of bureaucracy.

How was the submission and review process?

For the SAP App Center we should apply first for the SAP Partner Status, after we should apply for the license, and SAP Platform Software. Afterwards, we should pay SAP in order to be released on their platform. So that is a really long process.

How can the tech industry be more ethical and inclusive?

I would change expensive graphic interfaces into the cheap and effective text interfaces. All features are now available in messengers. Building a graphic interface is too expensive and an ineffective way to develop the community. I hope in a few years people will decide to communicate mostly with messengers. An ecommerce and media will be handled only by the chat bots. Access to your personal information will be granted through a couple of messengers, instead of multiple mobile applications.

Any final thoughts?
I would like to tell you thank you for your support.

Note: This article represents what was said in the interview and the text may have been modified to enhance meaning and  clarification.

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