Kevin Web Page
Kevin Web Page
UX/UI Product Designer in San Francisco

Hello Makers,

You have a magic power that can be used for good or evil. Learn how to make humane experiences with
Kevin Web Page.


Innovate for Humane Experiences

As makers, we have a magic power to create something from nothing. But I have to warn you, magic can be used for good or evil. Technology can not only disrupt, it can destroy. From self-driving cars to nanobots, people are worried about their health and economic well-being.

With emerging technology, it is important to choose to build for humane experiences. Kevin Web Page champions for innovation by studying the potential impact not just on a businesses, but the world.


About Kevin Web Page

Kevin Web Page advocates for makers to use their magic for good. Page is the founder of 100+ maker community, creator of the Kevin Web Page Show, and writer of “Your Magic Power.”

Through conferences and online publications, Page shares how to create humane experiences with emerging technology. He strives for new interactions for people (robotics, zero UI, tangible interfaces, internet of things, and automation).

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Page shares new technologies and human experience trends that will matter most in the next 3-5 years. Currently, Page influences the user experience at PagerDuty and is available as an independent consultant.

In the past, Kevin Web Page has created two companies and worked for startups. From CMT to HarperCollins, Page has worked with large brands and his work covered by the media (CNBC, Vogue, Adweek).


Innovate for Humane Experiences


Kevin Web Page advocates for makers to use their magic for good. Page walks audiences through emerging technology that can feel like magic. Then he shows where magic can be used for good or evil. Lastly, Page demonstrates how people can influence technology toward a more humane present. Audiences will be inspired to innovate with humane experiences at the center.


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